Emmy Cube Photography


Do you ever have one of those itches deep down inside? Or maybe it’s a voice gently whispering in the back of your head… or in my case rudely yelling profanities at you to wake up and get your act together? Well, it has been getting awfully loud in my head the last few years and oddly enough I’ve been trying to ignore all that ruckus. Why? I’m not entirely sure. I just know that I’ve always been a nerdy science girl with a passion for the performing and visual arts. Weird combo, right? I blame my engineer father and my theatre mother. Their fault entirely. They say opposites attract, no? Needless to say I’ve been quite conflicted from an early age dabbling in photography, videography, theatre and dance along with science fairs, space camp, and one too many biology classes. I love it all…can’t choose…don’t even try and make me! Nope, won’t do it. Well the last 4 years of my life were spent catering to my left brain studying neuroscience and autism and I’ve had a blast! Oh my nerdy self loved every last second of it. If only that obnoxious voice would leave me alone. Quiet in there! I guess my right brain needs a little attention too. So, here I am. I’m finally doing it. Wasn’t sure I would/could actually do it, but with A LOT of support from family and friends, I made good on those words….Emmy Cube Photography has arrived!

My style you ask? Check out my facebook page for my latest work! I shoot in an editorial style. This means I try to capture the natural moments as they occur and the moments in between structured poses. This ensures I capture YOU and who you are, creating unique, one of a kind images to treasure for a lifetime.

As of 2013, Emmy Cube Photography has been nominated as one of Sacramento's best photographers for KCRA-3's A-List two years in a row! Thank you to all who voted and allowed me to be recognized!! I super puffy heart all my clients. You guys are the best!! And I'm so happy to announce I placed in the top 20 in all of Sacramento!

In 2015 Emmy Cube Photography up and moved! I am so proud to now be serving the Denver metro and surrounding areas! I am looking forward to working with you!