Emmy Cube Photography


• How much are your services? -- You can find my current prices under the investment tab.

• What should I wear? -- You should wear whatever expresses who you are (or you as a couple). Feel free to get funky, formal, or casual. These photos are about you! Try and stay away from busy prints as they can get distracting on the finished image. Oh and try not to be too matchy matchy…trust me on that one. If you still can’t decide, email me and I’ll help you!

• Should I have my hair and make-up professionally done? -- Yes, Yes, YES! You are investing in professional pictures and the best way to get the most out of them to ensure you look your absolute best is to make sure your hair and make-up are done professionally. You need much more make-up on your face than you would normally wear. Any make-up counter (MAC, Benefit, etc) will work. Or e-mail me and I can refer you to someone fabulous!

• Do you offer hair and make-up services? -- Not at this time. But I team up with great hair and make-up people all the time and can refer you to some awesome folks who will make sure you look fantabulous for your session!! E-mail me and I'll put you in touch with them.

• I'm really camera shy and nervous. I'm scared of looking silly and I don't know how to pose! -- Don’t worry!! Once we get to our location I will do my best to make you feel at ease and comfortable and I always help pose if you need it. I shoot in an editorial style, this means I try to capture the natural moments and the moments in between structured poses, so just relax and enjoy! We are going to have so much fun! These are your photos and we want to make them the best possible. So have no fear, the only silly one will be me. Ask my past clients!

• I'm interested in doing a themed shoot. Is that a possibility? Absolutely! E-mail me so we can discuss!

• How long are the sessions and what do they include? Sessions are about 2 hours in length and include shooting at a location of your choice, 2-3 costume changes, basic retouching in photoshop, an online proofing gallery, and 1 CD of approximately 10 low resolution images which are great for sharing on facebook or up to a 5x7 print!

• I've seen a lot of your sessions and they are in 2-3 different outfits. Where do I change? We make it work, whether we find a bathroom and use it as our personal boudoir or we make-shift my car as your dressing room, we’ll get you into all your outfits!

• Are your sessions in a studio or outside? I am a natural light photographer. This means I use the available light (the sun!) to illuminate my photographs. If we shoot indoor, I will use the available window light, not studio lights. Because the sun is in different locations throughout the day, the best times to shoot outside are early morning or late afternoon. I always avoid the midday sun. It’s too harsh and we want to make you look GOOD!

• What if I can't decide on a location? E-mail me and I will suggest some great locations for you!

• My face just broke out, what do I do now? It’s funny how often I get this question…First, this is one of the reasons why you’re getting your make-up professionally done! And second, your session includes basic retouching in photoshop so don’t fear! I’ll make sure your sking comes out looking flawless!

• You didn’t answer my question(s)! -- E-mail me, I really love getting email!!